Vol. 5 (2021): International Journal of Case Reports
Case Reports

A Case of Recurrent Facial Palsy Associated with Anti-GM2: is it anyway Guillain-barré syndrome?

Giovanni Bonaccorso
Region skåne


  • Bell´s palsy, facial, palsy, paresis, GuillainBarré syndrome, ganglioside, Antibodies, GM2.

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Giovanni Bonaccorso. (2021). A Case of Recurrent Facial Palsy Associated with Anti-GM2: is it anyway Guillain-barré syndrome?. International Journal of Case Reports, 5, 213. https://doi.org/10.28933/ijcr-2021-04-0505


Objective: A rare case of possible hereditary predisposition to autoimmune neuropathy

Background: This case report is of a patient who presented two episodes of Facial paresis in her live without ascertained apparent causes. Bell’s palsy is commonly known as peripheral idiopathic facial nerve palsy, because in the most cases the triggers remain unknown (1).

Case Report: I want to present a case of a 34 year old woman who we will call A.B. and who came to us to evaluate the severity of the sequelae of a Bell´s palsy and any eventual need for cosmetic measure. But she had another Bell´s Palsy 9 years ago, so I started to investigate the most common and treatable causes of Facial paresis. I found a significate increase of anti-bodies against ganglioside GM2. When I explained to her that these anti-bodies is commonly related with several neurological diseases, she started to investigate her family history and she found that his father’s brother died of GuillainBarré syndrome about 40 years ago.


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