Vol. 5 (2021): International Journal of Case Reports
Case Reports

Delayed traumatic cardiac tamponade: An extremely rare sequela of blunt trauma

Sena Park*, MD and Janaka Balasooriya, MBBS MD (Surgery) MRCS
Department of General Surgery, The Canberra Hospital, Yamba Drive, GARRAN, Australian Capital Territory 2605


  • Delayed traumatic cardiac tamponade; Sequela of blunt trauma

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Sena Park*, MD and Janaka Balasooriya, MBBS MD (Surgery) MRCS. (2021). Delayed traumatic cardiac tamponade: An extremely rare sequela of blunt trauma. International Journal of Case Reports, 5, 208. https://doi.org/10.28933/ijcr-2021-02-2206


To our knowledge, there have been minimal information on the delayed traumatic cardiac tamponade, which is an extremely rare but a life-threatening condition if not treated promptly. We present a 25-year-old female who had cardiac tamponade of delayed onset after a motor vehicle crash. It was found on a computed tomography scan of the chest, and confirmed on subsequent echocardiography. Urgent operation of creation of pericardial window was performed. She made a good recovery after the operative intervention. The current report emphasises the importance of having high index of suspicion in patients with non-penetrating multi-trauma with careful observation and appropriate investigations.


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